martes, 6 de marzo de 2018



-What's your name?
-My name is Mary
-Oh,me too.Go is mine 
-Where do you live?
-I live in Molvizar,and you?
-I don't,I live in Glasgow.
- What's the weather like where you live?
-It's cloudy and It's raining.
-In Molvizar it's hot and sunny.Have you got any brothers or sisters?
-Yes,I have.I have got two sisters
-Have you?
-So,have I
-Where do your parents work?
-My father is a doctor and he worksin a hopital and my mother is a famous tennis player.
-So am I.How often do you play tennis?
-I play tennis from Monday to Thursday at 16:00
-Nice to meet you!

sábado, 3 de marzo de 2018


                                                     My Life

My name is María.I'm 13 year old and I live in Molvízar. Granda .I've got one brother and one sister.We live with my parents in a big flat.

In the summer,it's hot and sunny,the perfect weather for going to the beach.We ususally go in the afternoon every day with my aunt,my grandmother and my cousins.We swim and play in the water.We go fishing.
In the winter we sometimes walk in the mountains.We usually go at the weekend.When it's a god day,we ride a bike and we go to our gottage.My brother rides better than me,but I swim faster than him.

I do sport outdoors because it's healthy but I prefer staying at home.

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2018


Paris is a famous tourist city in the north on France.It's easy to get there by train on by plane.The weather it's usually cloudy and sometimes it sometime rains.It's wonderful because it's the city of love and it's the most romantic city in the world.
There are important buildings,for example :
The Louvre museum.The red mill,Notre Dame...
For me the best places in Paris were "The Eiffel Tower".There are many restaurants and shops,but I think French food is less delicious than Spanish food.
Their  croissants and cheese are as tasty as our ham and fish.In Paris everything is more expensive than in Spain.
You can navegate by boat on the Seine river and you can walk through the Elysian fields (at Christmas it is exciting)
A holiday in Paris can be interesting and lovely if you go to visit the town with your boyfriend, and it can be tiring if you want to see everything in a few days.It's the perfect destination for couples.
 Resultado de imagen de paris


-Can you help me,please?
-Yes pf course.What do you need?
-I am at the Brixton Hospital's parking and I want to go to Edington but I must get some petrol.Which way should I go?
-Turn right and go as far as the traffic lights.Turn left at the traffic lights and go straight on. Petrol station is on the right.Then turn left and go to the traffic lights.Take the first on the left.Go straight on the A63 and finally take the first on the left 
-Is this the fastest way?
-Yes,it is
-Should I turn right when am I at the petrol station?
-No,you shouldn't.Turn left
-Ok,Thank you very much.Resultado de imagen de personas hablando en una calle indicando las direcciones

domingo, 21 de enero de 2018


      Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is the best place for my holidays because.It's relaxing,I hate beaches in summer because there are too many people and you can't swim quietly so Sierra Nevada is more peaceful than the coast.
The weather is colder in Sierra Nevada but I like this because I love being in frot of a fireplace.The mountain gives us different ways to enjoy as walking,skiin,ice skating ,snowboarding...
On the other hand,when you are in Sierra Nevada you an see a wonderful landscape and there aren't many buldings.So you can smell clean air and this is fantastic for our health.
 In conclusion Sierra Nevada is healthy and calm and the coast has got many buldings,people,noise...
I think a holiday in the beach is worse. 

sábado, 16 de diciembre de 2017

                              Black Friday

It is known as "Black Friday" (in English Black Friday) the day that opens the season of Christmas shopping with significant discounts in many retail stores and department stores. It's a day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Personally, I think it's a business strategy for us to start using before, but on the other hand it's fine because we can do Christmas shopping for less.


jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2017


Dialogue 1
-Are you the new students?
-Yes,I am
-I am your teacher.What are you favourite subjects?
-Ehh,I like science,biology and  physics and chemistry.
-Why do you like these?
-Because I love nature,animals,plants...
-And you are the best at...
-How many hours do you study this?
-I don't need to study Biology
-And Do you like learning different languages?
-Oh,yes.I think it's very important for my future.
-What language do you prefer?
-I like studying English because it's the most important language in the world.

Dialogue 2 
-What do you do in your free time?
-I like doing sport
-What is your favourite sport?
-I love swimming in the sea
-Why do you prefer water sport?
- Because you can move all your muscles 
-Where do you practise your sport?
-I love going to the beach because I go surfing,I swim and I can see fish,seafood...
-Do you practise scuba diving?
-Yes, of course.I usually go to La Herradura because it's a wonderful place.
-And What sport do you hate?
-I hate doing Karate because I don't like fighting.