domingo, 21 de enero de 2018


      Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is the best place for my holidays because.It's relaxing,I hate beaches in summer because there are too many people and you can't swim quietly so Sierra Nevada is more peaceful than the coast.
The weather is colder in Sierra Nevada but I like this because I love being in frot of a fireplace.The mountain gives us different ways to enjoy as walking,skiin,ice skating ,snowboarding...
On the other hand,when you are in Sierra Nevada you an see a wonderful landscape and there aren't many buldings.So you can smell clean air and this is fantastic for our health.
 In conclusion Sierra Nevada is healthy and calm and the coast has got many buldings,people,noise...
I think a holiday in the beach is worse. 

sábado, 16 de diciembre de 2017

                              Black Friday

It is known as "Black Friday" (in English Black Friday) the day that opens the season of Christmas shopping with significant discounts in many retail stores and department stores. It's a day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Personally, I think it's a business strategy for us to start using before, but on the other hand it's fine because we can do Christmas shopping for less.


jueves, 16 de noviembre de 2017


Dialogue 1
-Are you the new students?
-Yes,I am
-I am your teacher.What are you favourite subjects?
-Ehh,I like science,biology and  physics and chemistry.
-Why do you like these?
-Because I love nature,animals,plants...
-And you are the best at...
-How many hours do you study this?
-I don't need to study Biology
-And Do you like learning different languages?
-Oh,yes.I think it's very important for my future.
-What language do you prefer?
-I like studying English because it's the most important language in the world.

Dialogue 2 
-What do you do in your free time?
-I like doing sport
-What is your favourite sport?
-I love swimming in the sea
-Why do you prefer water sport?
- Because you can move all your muscles 
-Where do you practise your sport?
-I love going to the beach because I go surfing,I swim and I can see fish,seafood...
-Do you practise scuba diving?
-Yes, of course.I usually go to La Herradura because it's a wonderful place.
-And What sport do you hate?
-I hate doing Karate because I don't like fighting.


miércoles, 1 de noviembre de 2017

 Hi  Rocio!

Look at the news tonight.There's an image where we are near London Eye.It is a white big where you can see London city from.It's very tall.This morning we were in London and there was a terrorist attack.We were visiting the city and a car tried to run over us.We could escape getting into the shop,but a lot of people haven't escaped TV comes quickly and  they recorded us.We are frightened because it's scary ,so we decided to go back to Spain.I hope you can see us on the news.

Call me later 

viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

My brother's first communion

              My Brother's First Communion 

Last Sunday it was my brother's first communion.Around 60 friends and family members were there .The party was in a hotel in Almuñecar.The hotel is very big,so it wasn't crowde.It was fantastic because the meal was excellent and there was a egg,chicken,croquettess,fish,shrimp,cheese and meat.The children ate pizza,chicken and potatoes.There was a delicious dessert:mousse of  yoghurt and zaspberry.

After the meal,children could swim and dance.There was a bird's show.It was nice.All my family was very happy and gave presents for my brother.I was beautiful with my blue and white dress.It was a really nice day that.I will never forget.

sábado, 22 de abril de 2017

Animal descriptions

                                                      Animals Descriptions

 A turtle lives in the water in rivers,in it can walk on the sand. A turtle eats tomatoes,lettuce...It is as small as a hamster.Turtle is as green as a plant.It is slower 
than a fish, but it is faster than a snail.

Lions live in the savanna.It is mammals. They're eats meat of animals as zebras...Lion is as big as a tiger but  it is more powerful than other animals.It's got long hair in 
its head.I think  it is the most beautiful animal.

An elephant lives in Africa.It eats leaves.It's got big ears and a long nose.It's got long tain.It's the heaviest animal in the savanna. An elephant moves slowly ,but it's more dangerous than a hyppo.
I think it's as nice as a lion.

martes, 18 de abril de 2017



Football is the king of sport in Spanish.Everybody can play it.
You play it on a big pitch.
You only use a ball.
There are two teams with eleven players in each one .
You must hit the ball and try to get it into the opposite goal.
You mustn't do it  otherwise.
The winner is the team who has more goals.